ReserveSport started of as an undergrad HCI final project. Several students continued working on it and put it into use at at Carnegie Mellon. Since, the system has had well over 70,000 reservations and over 4000 different users on more than 4 different sites.

ReserveSport, LLC was launched in Fall of 2002, and the product was sold and recieved interest from many sources. However, market research and consultation with entrepreneurship experts showed that the market was too small to support a viable company -- there have been at least 11 different companies in the field that have not seen a significant number of sales (products with more features but significantly less usable interfaces). Although ReserveSport did research, development, market research, and sales, the company retired in 2003 to an open source project at SourceForge.

Part of the project has spun off into an open source tool for making web surveys.

I worked in most capacities of the company -- I was co-project lead in the beginning, President of the LLC, and primary developer for most of the project's lifetime.

ReserveSport, LLC Partners: Thomas Lianza, David Stern-Gottfried, Lydia Choy, Ayaka Uchida, and Bill Long.